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I use iA Writer as my main software for writing.

I write everything in plain text files. Mostly Markdown.

It allows me use a great piece of software to write, no distractions and to keep notes in different places:

  • Personal notes in Google Drive or iCloud
  • Git repos for websites

Things i hate:

  • I wish it had Vim mode


  • I have tried an infinite amount of software for long periods of time 6+ months
    • Notion, Google Docs, Apple Notes, VS Code, everything
  • I have migrated notes to every system in the planet and I don’t consider it a waste of time
  • At this point my requirements are not about software but about the data format. So plain text files so I can migrate them to the next thing
  • No notes in a database or remotely stored
    • Websites based on CMS are ok
  • I like how the Obsidian CEO thinks
    • Why not obsidian then?
    • I really like obsidian but I had to many vaults and I got tired of having to open the right one sync the plugins and settings
    • I just wanted on simple great app, one window, all notes in simple folders. iA writer does that
    • I might go back for Vim mode but haven’t done it yet