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My setup (software)

Almost all the software is installed via brew.


Window Management: yabai


Task Management: Things. See Task Management Software.

Writing: iA Writer - See Writing.

Password management and 2FA: 1Password

  • Also use an yubikey as 2FA for some sites

I use Google for all my personal data. All my files are in Google Drive, Google Photos and so on. See Sync.

Clipboard manager: Maccy

  • Superior in every way

Screenshots: Cleanshot


  • Launcher
  • Quickly open go-links and Github repos
  • Open folders in finder
  • Create a new Things tasks
  • (minimal) Windows Management


  • I don’t particularly like they are a big company
  • I don’t like it’s a subscription so I don’t pay it
  • But it did replaced 3 apps into one so I use it
  • I like the extensions and that I could extend it

Keyboards / Hotkeys

I use Karabiner to do basic changes to the keyboard

  • CapsLock to Hyper / Escape
  • Hyper + HJKL = Arrows

Then in Keyboard Maestro I use the Hyper key to do more stuff, for example:

  • Window selection:
    • Hyper + F = Open or show Browser
    • Hyper + T = Open or show Terminal
    • Hyper + V = Open or show Code Editor
    • Hyper + G = Open or show Things
    • And so on
  • Browser: If I am in a browser:
    • Hyper + C = Open Calendar
    • Hyper + D = Open Google Drive
    • Hyper + G = Open Gmail
    • Hyper + W = Open WhatsApp
    • And so on


  • I am still on version 7 and works great. When it stops working I will upgrade my license


  • Video: VLC but also using IINA a lot now
  • Messaging: WhatsApp / Signal