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Writing software

I use Obsidian

I keep most of Vaults in [Google Drive] and some (like this wiki) directly on Github.

On iOS I use Runestone to write/read small pieces

  • I would be happy to just send them to myself via email and move after
  • I wont use iCloud sync because I have everything in Google Drive


  • Minimal Theme (Catppuccin) + Minimal Theme Settings
  • Hider
  • Style Settings
  • Trim whitespace


  • I have tried infinite amount of software for long periods of time 6+ months
    • Yes, Notion, Google Docs, Apple Notes, VS Code, everything
  • I have migrated notes to every system in the planet, i don’t consider it a waste of time
  • At this point my requirements are not about software but about the data
  • No notes in a database
  • Everything needs to be Markdown files so I can migrate them to the next thing
  • I like how it’s CEO thinks